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One-to-One Learning

Central Catholic high school offers a rigorous education rooted in equity, collaboration, and a Catholic worldview. Access to technology helps our students learn how to participate ethically and safely as digital citizens in our society. Through appropriate use of technology, students learn to engage in the learning process and develop collaborative partnerships. We are committed to providing robust educational opportunities in an inclusive and supportive community. A technology-rich environment supports our students in becoming independent learners. Central Catholic develops critical thinkers who are the best version of themselves, prepared for where their gifts meet the world.

Freshmen are required to purchase a Microsoft Surface Pro 8 device through the school purchase program.

After conducting a great deal of research on the best purchase and distribution method of the Microsoft Surface Pro, we have determined that a bulk purchase by the school has many benefits, including significant savings for families. This also allows us to equip every machine with the necessary applications and software for the upcoming year. The cost of the device will be $1,300.00. This includes a type cover keyboard, stylus, software, and 4 years of accidental damage protection. You have the option to purchase the device in one payment or divide the cost over eleven payments using our tuition payment system. Please contact Lupe Tellez, Student Billing Specialist,, if you need to request extended terms to financially assist in the purchase of a device.

Until you have paid for your student’s MS Surface Pro in full, the MS SurfacePro is considered a “loaner” from Central Catholic. If your student withdraws from Central Catholic at any time before that full payment occurs, one of the following will happen:

  1. After officially withdrawing from Central Catholic, you agree to pay the balance owed on the MS Surface Pro in order to retain ownership of the device.

  2. Or, after officially withdrawing from Central Catholic, you agree to return the MS Surface Pro in good working condition to the Central Catholic Technology department and forfeit any payments that have been made. If the MS Surface Pro is not in good working condition, you are required to pay the balance in full.

Surface Pro Tech Specs

Surface Pro Tech Specs

Surface Pro Tech Specs